Uniform Policy

Students at Montessori del Mundo are required to wear a school uniform. Uniforms allow us to quickly identify all students as MdM students and ensure that students are a part of our school-family. Uniforms unite us in our values and mission to develop bilingual leaders. When a student puts on their uniform, they know they are a part of a school-family that is united, conscious, growing, and healthy.

Required Uniform

  • Light or dark blue or dark green polo shirt with MdM logo
  • A MdM polo and dress
  • dark blue or tan pants/shorts

All Students

  • Undershirts are allowed under the uniform. If worn they must be the following colors: Navy Blue, Black or White
  • Leggings are allowed under the girls’ dresses. If worn they must be the following colors: Navy Blue, Black or White
  • Slip on shoe, velcro tennis shoe, dress shoe or boots
  • Shoes that are not allowed: no open-toe shoes (or sandals), shoes or boots with heels, fur or fringe or light up shoes.  If your student cannot tie their own shoes please consider their safety and purchase curly, elastic shoelaces.
  • Tennis shoes are required for PE, make sure your child wears or brings tennis shoes on PE days.

Change of Clothes

All families with students in ECE and kindergarten must send one change of clothing with your student on the first day of school. The change includes underwear, pants, plain polo shirt and socks, and will remain in the classroom in the case of an accident. If a change of clothing is not provided, parents will be called in the case of an accident to come to school with a clean change of clothing for your student.

Exceptional Student Services

Special education

The Exceptional Student Service Department works to ensure that all eligible students with disabilities are provided a free appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment. We strive to ensure that Montessori del Mundo is in compliance with the Federal Law – Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). We believe all students are general education students first and that Special Education is a service – not a place.

 Section 504

Our school provides 504 evaluations and plans in order to provide each student with disabilities or a handicap equal access to the school environment. Montessori del Mundo follows federal guidelines under Section 504 in order to meet student needs and be in compliance with the law.

Gifted and talented

“Gifted and talented children are those persons between the ages of five and twenty-one whose abilities, talents and potential for accomplishment are so exceptional or developmentally advanced that they require special provisions to meet their educational needs.” – Colorado Department of Education


Please email us at info@montessoridelmundo.org  if you are interested in volunteering in any of these capacities:

Student Recruitment

Join us as we talk to families at events, in parks, outside grocery stores, or door to door. All volunteers receive a free Montessori del Mundo tee-shirt as a thank you for their help. Please contact us if you’d like to volunteer to help recruit students.

Room Parent

These fathers/mothers will help teachers by: coordinating other classroom parents, supporting classroom activities, coordinating snacks, coordinating and/or hosting summer play dates, etc. These parents will also coordinate communications between other classroom parents regarding information relevant to PTO and the Events Committee.

Note: Two parents per class are needed, if there are more than two the classroom teacher will do a raffle to determine who will be assigned.   

Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO)

This group consists of a group of dedicated parents who come together to fund and support activities and purchases that will enhance the educational experience for all students. This group has worked on the Trunk or Treat event, the annual book fair, the annual art show, parent nights out and Teacher appreciation week.

Board Committee Member

There are many opportunities to support and join in the leadership of the school by serving on one of the following committees.:  School Accountability, Marketing and Development, Finance and  Facilities.  To find out more about these committees, please contact the board at MdMboard@montessoridelmundo.org.