Wow, what a year! This year has been such an emotional roller coaster for all of us with the ups and downs of remote learning and changing schedules and coming back together in person. As a school family, we have done incredible things together.  

Thinking back, I remember with a smile our Trunk or Treat parade, the first day we got to welcome students back in person, our Afro-American Celebration and the cultural investigations of the Americas. I hope you, too, can look back and focus on the great memories, learning and growth that came out of this year.

Looking forward, I am so excited to end the year on a high-note. We celebrate two very special groups of students this month. First, our kindergartners. Through their eyes we get to experience a fresh, curious, excited view of the world. Our lower elementary teachers are looking forward to welcoming these darlings into the new exciting adventure of elementary school.  

We are so proud of our 6th graders – during this year they have grown academically but more importantly as kind, caring, human beings with a heart for community, culture and leadership. These young people are leaving our halls and opening new doors of opportunity. We wish them so much joy and success and we look forward to hearing from them and seeing them back at the school.

Wishing you well, 

Wendy Reneé, Executive Director